Community Spotlight~Operation Second Chance

This week, as the third part of an ongoing series of articles, the ACF is highlighting one grant recipient, Operation Second Chance (OSC) Montana Adventures. OSC’s mission is to support combat wounded, injured or ill veterans by getting them away from hospitals and doctors appointments and into Montana to hunt, relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

The goal each year is to bring together members of the community and wounded veterans to help the healing process and let each veteran know how much support they have through this small community. This program not only helps our veterans but gives the community a chance to step forward and provide a great service to our country. For years, the OSC hunting program has been embraced by local ranchers and the community at large, allowing private citizens to give back to veterans by showing them how grateful our community is for their service and sacrifices. 

In 2017, between the ACF grant and private donations, five wounded warrior veterans were able to come to Montana to hunt deer, elk and antelope. The veterans included a triple, double and single amputee. Two of the amputees had lost both legs and thought their days of hunting were over.  This OSC program allowed them to get back to hunting and provided a great opportunity for our ranchers and community members to get to know and support five exceptional service members. 

To learn more about how you can help support Operation Second Chance, contact Hank Tuell at 425-4875.