Community Spotlight~Stillwater Valley Watershed Council

This week, as the fifth part of an ongoing series of articles, the ACF is highlighting one grant recipient, the Stillwater Valley Watershed Council. Formed in 2010, the SVWC’s mission is to work in a collaborative effort with local landowners, recreationalists and agencies to sustain the rural quality of life and protect and enhance area natural resources.  Additionally, the Council is committed to educating Valley residents and the public about the watershed and the steps needed to preserve and maintain the integrity of the river, the land and the beauty of the Stillwater Valley.  

A non-profit organization, the Stillwater Valley Watershed Council was officially formed in 2010 by local landowners and representatives from the then Stillwater Mining Company. The three main project goals of the SVWC are noxious weed control, water quality/quantity and forest health.

For the past eight years the SVWC has received essential funding from the Absarokee Community Foundation totaling over $30,000 to continue “top-to-bottom” weed management on small acreage properties throughout the Stillwater Valley watershed. In 2018 the SVWC continued this endeavor, monitoring and treating known noxious weed infestations on properties enrolled in the program, while searching for and treating new infestations from Columbus to Nye and Dean to Roscoe.  

Because of community organizations such as the ACF, the SVWC is able to maintain the incentive program for participants, increasing awareness of the noxious weed issue, while decreasing the potential expense of weed treatment for small tract landowners by providing cost-share opportunities through a coordinated approach.